Rice Makes Everything Better

For Filipinos, a meal without rice is not a meal.  For the first 11 years of my life, I ate rice three times a day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday.  Even some of the best Filipino desserts are made with rice.  Once I emigrated to the US, I adapted to the western culture and learned to eat like an American.  However, there are some American foods that I can’t embrace like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Oreo cookies, and cereal and milk.  As someone who straddles two cultures, I have developed my own way of combining the best of both worlds by eating American food with rice.  Bacon and eggs are good together, but even better with rice.  Hamburgers with all the trimmings are delicious, but sometimes I just have to have a plain hamburger patty dipped in soy sauce with a plateful of rice.  Most of the time I have steak at home, I cook it medium-rare and eat it with rice that is topped with some butter and soy sauce.  Odd, perhaps, but to me, it’s a perfect meal.


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