The Fruits of My Labor

For the past three months, part of my morning routine has included spending time in my garden.  I go out there around 5:30 every morning, coffee in hand, to inspect my tomatoes and wait in anticipation for the fruit to ripen.  It’s fast becoming my favorite part of the day, a peaceful and relaxing time before the hustle and bustle of my hour-long commute and work.  Since the middle of July, I have been able to pick about 3-4 tomatoes a day from each of my two plants.  I love the convenience of having some organic, vine-ripened tomatoes for salads a couple times a week.   Luckily both varieties of tomatoes, the Sweet 100s and the Yellow Pears, are very sweet and delicious.  This week, I have been rewarded for all of my efforts and I’m happy to show off my harvest. With the help of the warm Southern California weather, regular watering, and my tender loving care, I picked about 1-1/2 pounds of tomatoes over the last four days.  Stay tuned to see what becomes of my bountiful harvest!


2 thoughts on “The Fruits of My Labor


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