my urban vegetable garden

Chris & I devoted most of the last week of August working on our new garden.  Chris tilled and leveled the soil and removed some tree roots left by two huge trees in preparation for the placement of four new raised beds he built.  I had it fairly easy; I was in charge of  selecting, buying and planting all the vegetables and flowers.  I included flowers around the vegetables to add splashes of color amidst all of the green foliage.  I also transplanted all the herbs that were scattered around in different pots to a single raised herb bed.  Now most of my herbs – French tarragon, Greek oregano, Italian parsley, rosemary, sage, lemon thyme, and garlic chives are together.  I also have basil but I read that it is the perfect companion to tomatoes so I planted them together in a separate pot.  The basil is supposed to keep insects away and even enhance the flavor of the tomatoes.

My success growing tomatoes and jalapeños this summer has given me the confidence to expand my vegetable garden.  I hope I’m not putting too much stock in my gardening abilities since tomatoes and jalapeños are two of the easiest plants to grow, especially in the beautiful Southern California weather.  I’m counting on the belief that my constant nurturing and green thumbs also had something to do with their vigorous production.  We’ll see.

For this fall planting season, I have planted or transplanted the following: (for a better view, click on the photos to enlarge)

  • one ‘Jetsetter’ tomato plant (4″ plant)
  • two zucchini (4″ plants)
  • one ‘Keystone’ bell pepper (4″ plant)
  • one ‘Mammoth’ jalapeño (4″ plant)
  • two ‘Sugar Ann’ snap peas (4″ plants)
  • one Pumpkin on a Stick ornamental plant (1 gallon plant)
  • two ‘Five Color Silverbeet’ swiss chards (4″ plants)
  • ‘City Mix’ lettuce mix (one 6-pack tray)
  • ‘Romeo’ round baby carrots (from seeds)
  • ‘Green Fortune’ baby bok choi (from seeds)
  • ‘Catalina’ baby leaf spinach (from seeds)
  • ‘Crimson Crunch’ radishes (from seeds)
  • ‘Baby Ball’ beets (from seeds)
  • two bush beans (4″ plants)


Some of you are probably shaking your heads right now, wondering why a strict carnivore like me is planting all sorts of vegetables.  Well, first of all, harvesting my own produce is so much fun. Secondly, organic, homegrown vegetables and herbs have so much more flavor; they’re actually good!!  While I won’t be abandoning my meat-eating ways, I will definitely be eating more vegetables.

I will be posting updates on the progress of all the vegetables.  Wish me luck on my new gardening endeavors!


8 thoughts on “my urban vegetable garden

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  2. Thank you for sharing a link to this article, Daisy. All I can say is that your urban garden is beautiful and clearly it is a work of love. It must be so rewarding to watch it grow and transform each day. Enjoy!

  3. Christine, a couple of months ago, I would have considered your comment “fighting words.” 🙂 Now, I can appreciate veggies a whole lot more, but I am the epitome of a carnivore.

      • Oddly enough I attended a film on Thursday night about raising backyard chickens. You don’t need a rooster, so they aren’t really noisy. And the fresh eggs are. . . well. . . fresh. I think we can’t do it here because we are a virtual racoon farm.

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