enjoying the little things: santa monica farmers market

Summer is right around the corner, and, once again, it is time for the appearance of numerous varieties of fruits and vegetables at farmers markets. I’m lucky to live in California, where an abundance of fresh produce is readily available.  Walking around the Santa Monica Farmers Market yesterday was a feast for my senses.  The colorful displays of red, orange, and yellow tomatoes were striking to look at, rivaled only by the neat rows of perfect red strawberries. The strawberries’ sweet intoxicating fragrance filled the air as did the strong pungent smell of the garlic and red onions.  The cherimoyas were soft and almost mushy to the touch, while the gnarled peppers were firm and smooth.  Vendors were generous with samples of donut-shaped peaches, sweet navel oranges, cherries, and, my favorite, juicy red plums.

One thing I had never seen before were the beautiful purple artichoke flowers (above right).  They are strictly ornamental, and would make a great centerpiece for a lovely outdoor dinner party.

I hope all of you have access to a farmers market and that you enjoy the bountiful fresh fruits and vegetables this summer!


7 thoughts on “enjoying the little things: santa monica farmers market

  1. Daisy – I had this in my inbox – I am delayed. I think those purple artichoke flowers are gorgeous – I didn’t even know they flower? Love farmers markets – everything smells so delicious 🙂 Lovely post!


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