learning how to photograph food, part 2

Pound Cake with Raspberries and Cream

As a food blogger and beginning photographer, I have learned that photographing food in natural light yields the best results.  Indirect sunlight, especially in the early morning and late afternoon, makes food look its natural best.  However, it is not always convenient to shoot during these times, especially since I work full-time and have to fit my cooking and photography in on the weekends.

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learning how to photograph food, part 1

photos of Orange Ricotta Pancakes, Chocolate Almond Bark Toffee, and Persimmon Ice Cream

Most of you would surely agree that a key element to a successful food blog is beautiful photography. A gorgeous photo of a mouth-watering stack of pancakes, a plate of chocolate toffee artfully arranged, or generous scoops of ice cream is a sure-fire way to grab a reader’s attention, most likely even before seeing the recipe’s title. Many times it is the photo that propels the reader to click to see the rest of the post.

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