london highlights: cream tea

Cream tea is a lighter afternoon tea, which is really more like a snack, consisting of a pot of tea and scones serve with clotted cream and jam. While in London, I got in the habit of having cream tea every afternoon. I would return to my hotel room from a thoroughly enjoyable, yet exhausting day of sightseeing, shopping, museum-going, and other touristy things, and I would treat myself to a cup of tea and a scone slathered with copious amounts of clotted cream and jam. It was a more restful break than having tea at a tearoom or café since I can take off my boots, put my feet up, (take a short nap), check emails (yeeah for free in-room wi-fi) and plan the rest of the evening’s activities in the comfort of my room. It was a nice, warm respite from the drizzly, gray London skies.

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london highlights: borough market

Mushroom Display at Turnips, Borough Market in London

I am a big city girl at heart, and when I got an opportunity to visit London, one of my favorite big cities in the world, I jumped at the chance. It was a quick trip, but I made the most of the four full days I had.  I didn’t have a strict agenda, being content with walking around the city and exploring different neighborhoods. This was my fourth time visiting London, and each time I grow more in love with this fast-paced, energetic city, with a charm all it’s own. Over the next couple of posts, I will be sharing the highlights of my trip. I hope you enjoy reading about them!

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