i made it on tastespotting!

OMG! I just made Tastespotting on my first try with my pumpkin bread pudding photo and recipe, not knowing they actually reject many submissions!  If you Google “tastespotting + rejections”, you’ll see countless bloggers pour their frustration out on their blogs on being “gently rejected by TS.”  (Click here and here, for example).  Apparently, in the food blogging world, it’a medium-big deal and I didn’t even know it.  On a whim, I registered, carelessly wrote a caption, added my blog link and hit submit.   Within two hours, I knew something was up because my wordpress stats were going through the roof.  I was expecting it to take 24 hours to be notified of the status of my submission, but look here, I made it… Click here to see my post. Enter “pumpkin” in the search field found on the upper right hand side.  Yeeaay, for me!!!  It’s nice to be appreciated once in a while….ok, I’m done acting like a real  food geek!