tips to convert your favorite cocktail into a poptail


  • Alcohol inhibits the freezing process so limit the amount of alcohol content to less than 20%, which equals to about 1 shot of liquor per cup of puréed fruit/liquid. Proper ratio of alcohol to fruit will ensure that you will have frozen pops.
  • If you’d like to add more alcohol, make granitas or shaved ice instead. Frozen slushy treats are good, too, but harder to eat on a stick!
  • Using simple syrup, honey, or other liquified sweeteners are easier to incorporate into the rest of the ingredients. However, sugar also lowers the freezing point, so don’t add too much.
  • Wine has less alcohol than liquor so you can use more of it without interfering with the freezing process.
  • Ice pop molds are available online and in many kitchen stores, but you can also use small 3-ounce cups (think Dixie® bath cups), shot glasses, ramekins, and even small plastic yogurt containers.
  • Wooden ice pop sticks are available at many craft stores.

2 thoughts on “tips to convert your favorite cocktail into a poptail

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