zucchini blossoms

I love it when things work out!

Last weekend, Chris went camping and I was home alone.  I was too lazy to go to the grocery store, so I decided that I would make do all weekend with whatever food was already in the house. So for dinner that Friday, I had bacon, eggs and rice.  I love breakfast for dinner.  I sat in front of the television all night, watching the two Sex and the City movies.  FUN!!!  Not so fun was what happened on Saturday morning.  I turned on my computer and after a couple of seconds, the flashing folder with a question mark appeared.  Hhhhmm!  I’m home alone and no internet.  Bummer!!!  I’m still too lazy to go to the store so I’m determined to eat whatever is in the fridge or pantry.  I moped around for a bit and then went outside to check on my garden.  Lo and behold…overnight, the little zucchini plants have produced a whole bunch of blossoms.

Things are definitely looking up for lunch!

These blossoms were selling at the local farmers markets earlier this summer for $1.50 each.  I thought that was a bit much so I passed on them.  Now, I have about 10 perfect blossoms, waiting to be picked.  After doing a little research on how to pick the blossoms, (pick the male blossoms because the female blossoms that are attached to the actual zucchini need to be fertilized or the zucchini will not develop) I harvest about 6 delicate male blossoms.  Looking around in the fridge, I found goat cheese and pepperoni.  For lunch, I decided to stuff the zucchini blossoms with a mixture of the goat cheese, chopped pepperoni, and some chives from the garden.  I dipped the blossoms in a flour and egg batter and deep friend them until lightly golden.  My lunch was incredible!  The stuffed zucchini blossoms were marvelous.  The lightly-battered blossoms remained delicate, yet crispy with a warm, rich, and creamy filling.  All that without leaving the house.

I really love it when things work out!!


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