momofuku milk bar’s corn cookies

I have been lucky to visit New York City on a regular basis and my fondness for “The Big Apple” has been well-documented on this blog (here, here, and here).  Every time I go, I am armed with a long list of restaurants, and I eat often in order to check off as many as I can.  Undoubtedly, new restaurants get added to the list; however, there are a few places that won’t get crossed off no matter how many times I go.

Eataly’s Caffe Lavazza is a mandatory stop every time I’m in New York City for their Bicerin, made with thick hot chocolate, espresso, and a layer of heavy cream.  Japanese noodle house, Ippudo, will forever be on the list because of their rich tonkatsu ramen, the Akamaru Modern, and Hakata Buns, light and fluffy steamed buns filled with pork belly. The City Bakery stays on the list for its legendary pretzel croissant, which is the only baked good I know of with its very own website.  I go to Russ and Daughters for the classic bagel sandwich made with cream cheese, generous slices of smoked salmon, and red onions.  Another one of these places that will stay on the list is Momofuku Milk Bar, a specialty bakery shop founded by chef Christina Tosi, who was recently named Rising Star Chef by the James Beard Foundation.

Momofuku Milk Bar is the birthplace of Christina’s creative and inventive desserts such as Crack Pie, Cereal Milk and these ridiculously good Corn Cookies.  Now, thanks to the inclusion of the recipe in the Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook, I can satisfy my cravings in between visits to NYC.  I’ll still go the bakery to get the real deal, but now I can have corn cookies at home, too, whenever I want.

The well-written, easy-to-follow recipe yields pretty, perfectly-shaped cookies, with a beautiful yellow color and wonderful texture – crackly tops with crisp edges and soft and fluffy centers. These unique cookies have a perfect balance of sweet and salty and the addition of the freeze-dried corn, ground to a powder, gives them the distinct corn flavor.  Be sure to refrigerate the cookie dough for at least an hour before baking.  They will be worth the wait!  These cookies, without a doubt, are one of my favorite cookies ever!

I added some fresh blueberries on a few of the cookies, but I didn’t like them as much because they dulled the great corn flavor. Without that distinct corn flavor, the blueberry cookies tasted more like a sugar cookie.  Next time, I’ll stick to the original recipe.

I purchased the Just Tomatoes-brand freeze-dried corn at Whole Foods, but they are also available from and  I used Bob’s Red Mill Corn Flour, which I also purchased at Whole Foods.

Since I followed the recipe exactly as written, I won’t be reprinting it here. Get the recipe and baking tips from Christina herself here, courtesy of the Cooking Channel.

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16 thoughts on “momofuku milk bar’s corn cookies

  1. This post makes me homesick for New York. (New York-sick?) I admit I’ve never been to Momofuku Milk Bar but it’s clearly a must. Thanks for sharing your favorite cookie!

  2. I love anything and everything Momofuku. The corn cookies are one of my favorites. I’ve mail ordered them and am waiting to make them from the cookbook. Momofuku also sells the corn powder online. I’ve used it in a couple of baked goods that call for cornmeal with great success.

    • Yes, the Momofuku empire has a great following. Me included. These are definitely my favorite cookies. Their online store states that shipping rates are $17 or $36? It seems steep for a $6 product.


  3. I made these once and they were so amazing! Thanks for the link to the freeze-dried corn. The other stuff I bought was over-priced.

    BTW- I can’t seem to get email updates for your site, either 😦 I’ve tried several times.

  4. So funny! Just got back from a culinary trip to NYC! Didn’t try these cookies (must go back:p), but had a extremely good butterfish, miso&crispy kale sandwich at Momofuku ssam. Highly recommended!


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