vanilla bean custard with roasted berries

Vanilla  Bean Custard with Roasted Berries

Every cook should have a homemade custard recipe in his or her repertoire.  It is the base for so many desserts and yet, is fairly simple to master.  The key is to temper the eggs with the milk so you don’t end up with bits of scrambled eggs.

Growing up, I loved opening my lunch box and seeing one of those store-bought pudding cups inside. Vanilla was always my favorite. I would eat my lunch pretty fast, but savor each and every bite of creamy pudding. To this day, I still love light and creamy puddings and custards, but now, I make them myself. I like to “fancy” them up by serving them in pretty little jars or glass dishes topped with cream or fruit for a more decadent and luscious dessert. No more plastic cups with a foil top for me!

Vanilla  Bean Custard with Roasted Berries

This custard is one of my favorites. It’s light and silky with beautiful flecks of vanilla beans and a rich vanilla flavor. Topped with roasted berries, it is an absolute treat. Last week, I put one of these lovely little jars of custard in my lunch bag. I ate my lunch quickly and grabbed my little jar of custard. Although I ate my lunch at my desk, for a moment, I was transported to those simpler childhood days…me and my vanilla pudding. Aaaahh!

For the Vanilla Custard with Roasted Berries recipe, click the link to follow me over to A Lucky Life blog.

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15 thoughts on “vanilla bean custard with roasted berries

  1. I make custard with caramel but your version with the roasted berries is a very refreshing approach. I’ll definitely try this one. Thanks a lot for sharing. 😉

  2. I have always loved custard…the smoothness and vanilla bean warmth. Usually, it is used as a filling and I joke that I could skip the rest of the recipe and eat the custard with a spoon. With this recipe, I am supposed to eat it with a spoon! I may even include the roasted berries because they look irresistible!

  3. this is a gorgeous sweet treat, Daisy, I bet that the sweetness of vanilla bean custard goes perfectly with the light sourness of the roasted berries, and you’re absolutely right, custard should be a staple in every kitchen ^^


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