corn cakes with strawberry and tomato salsa

Corn Cakes wth Strawberry-Tomato Salsa

Thanks to the abundant sunshine, fertile soil, and cool coastal breezes, farmers up and down the state of California are able to grow a huge variety of crops, many of which are shipped all over the country. We are fortunate to live here in Southern California, where we have access to many of these locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables. Many of them, such as those featured in today’s recipe, are at their peak of flavor during the late spring to early summer.

Corn Cakes wth Strawberry-Tomato Salsa

Strawberries, grown from San Diego to Monterey Bay, have staggered planting seasons to ensure year-round availability, but are tastiest from May to June.  California’s avocado season runs from April to September, while the state’s corn crops are available May through October, with both reaching their best flavor in June and July.  As for tomatoes, well, everyone knows that the best and most flavorful tomatoes are available during the hot days of summer!

Corn Cakes wth Strawberry-Tomato Salsa

I am excited to share this recipe with you because it uses fresh, seasonal ingredients and it tastes great, too. Corn cakes, made with tender, sweet corn, make a delicious base for a tangy salsa made with strawberries and tomatoes. Avocado slices and dollops of citrus-flavored crema Mexicana, add a luscious feel to the dish.

All of the season’s best flavors are combined into these tasty Corn Cakes with Strawberry and Tomato Salsa. For the rest of the article and the recipe, please click the link to follow me to the A Lucky Life blog.

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24 thoughts on “corn cakes with strawberry and tomato salsa

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  2. Pinned this recipe for later this summer. I get locally grown veggies every week, and my family gets tired of corn on the cob after the third week or so. These corn cakes will be a great alternative – thanks!

  3. What an intriguing combo–strawberries, tomatoes, and avocado. It looks so pretty, and I can imagine the flavor is fantastic. You’re so right, things taste so much better in the height of their season.

  4. Daisy! What a beautiful recipe! I went strawberry picking yesterday and was talking with a cook friend about using strawberry in savory recipes. You have done so marvelously.

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