peach pie smoothie and a giveaway

Peach Pie Smoothie

I like milk. I like its creamy, buttery taste and, to me, it’s best ice cold with a chocolate chip cookie or two. On the other hand, I’ve never liked soy milk. Years ago, I tried it and I didn’t care for its watery flavor and chalky texture. Recently, however, I was convinced by some fellow bloggers to try it again and surprisingly, I found that it actually tasted good and not gritty. While it doesn’t compare to the flavor and texture of milk, I have had a change of heart. I still prefer to drink regular milk, but I have started to use soy milk, specifically in smoothies. My first attempt at making a soy milk smoothie, Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Banana Smoothie, was such a success that I am using soy milk again for this one.

This Peach Pie Smoothie really tastes just like a peach pie, with all the warm spices, but in a cold, icy smoothie. It’s a great way to enjoy the summer’s juicy peaches, without turning on the oven. This is a good recipe to to adapt for those of you who follow a gluten-free. For this recipe, I preferred using 8th Continent’s Vanilla Soymilk instead of the Original flavor because it has a smoother texture and has a strong, yet pleasant, vanilla taste, so I can omit adding the extra vanilla extract. It is also sweeter so I don’t have to add as much honey or other sweeteners. Fresh peaches, while they’re in season, should be used, but frozen peaches will work as well. I peeled the peaches for this batch, but I have also made them with the peels on; you decide! You can use milk, almond milk, or, perhaps, you might try it with the 8th Continent Vanilla Soymilk.

Peach Pie Smoothie

Thanks to the lovely Rebekah, author of the blog, Decadently Fit, for the inspiration for this smoothie. I met Rebekah only briefly at Camp Blogaway last May, where we were housed in the same big 4-bedroom cabin, but I’ve been following her blog ever since. She writes about living a healthy lifestyle and shares recipes that are both delicious and nutritious. Be sure to check out her blog!

UPDATE: August 1, 2013

My husband makes me a latte or a mocha most mornings. Today, he used the 8th Continent Vanilla Soymilk and it was really good!  The vanilla flavor worked really well with the chocolate and coffee.  I am definitely a fan of soy milk now thanks to 8th Continent!

Now on to the giveaway!  I first met the folks from 8th Continent at BlogHer Food 2012 in Seattle last year, where I learned about the family-owned business and their line of products. I even got some soy-based swag! Woo hoo!!  After seeing my entry on Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Banana Smoothie and posting the recipe and photo on their Facebook page, a company representative was very gracious in reaching out and sending some coupons for free products for me and five of my readers. So, if you like soy milk, leave a comment to tell me why!

Five (5) of you lucky readers will be picked at random to receive two (2) coupons good for any flavor, half-gallon carton of 8th Continent Soymilk. To enter, simply leave a comment telling me what your favorite way to use soy milk. You may leave more than one comment, but only your first comment will be counted as a giveaway entry. Giveaway ends Wednesday, August 7, 2013, 11:59 pm PDT. Winners will be announced on Thursday, August 8. Giveway is open to residents of the United States only.

Note: 8th Continent provided me with coupons for free product to review and the coupons for the giveaway. All opinions expressed are my own. (Product Review Disclaimer).

********************************** GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED ***************************************

UPDATE: August 8, 2013

Congratulations to the winners of the 8th Continent Soymilk Giveaway are:

     Peach Pie SmoothieErika Blankenship





Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway by commenting about how you like to use soy milk.  I will be contacting all the winners via email to request your mailing address so I can send your coupons to you.

Daisy xo

Peach Pie Smoothie
Yields 2 servings

8 ounces fully-ripened peaches, peeled (if desired) and roughly chopped
6 ounces peach yogurt
1/2 cup low-fat, almond or soy milk, preferably 8th Continent Vanilla Soymilk
1 to 2 teaspoons chia seeds, to taste
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (omit if using vanilla soy milk)
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
pinch of nutmeg and allspice
1/2 teaspoon honey (optional)
1/2 cup ice cubes, or more, as needed

Add peaches, yogurt, soy milk, chia seeds, vanilla extract (if using), cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice in a blender and mix until well incorporated. Taste and add honey, if needed, and more spices, to taste. Add ice and blend until smooth. Pour into chilled glasses and enjoy!

Inspired by Decadently Fit.

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32 thoughts on “peach pie smoothie and a giveaway

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  3. I use all types of milk alternatives – especially in smoothies. I can’t wait to try this recipe. Its sounds delicious!!! Vanilla almond milk and also rice milk are also good alternatives, if you find the right brand. (Almond Dream and Rice Dream aren’t bad options)

    • Maureen, thank you so much for the award and your kind words. *BLUSH*

      I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know. The thing I love about the blogging community is that we all learn from each other and inspire each other.


  4. Just recently started drinking soy milk and 8th Continent Soymilk happened to be the one I bought. The Light Vanilla is my favorite. I have been using it in my smoothies, protein shakes and of course straight from a glass (or maybe straight from the carton…)

  5. I use 8th Continent Original Soymilk in everything from refreshing fruit smoothies (in the summer) to white hot chocolate (in the winter) to an extra creamy and sweet oatmeal (breakfast in the fall)!

  6. We use soymilk in our pancakes – usually a half cup more than we use when making with reg milk – then a bit of vanilla. Baking powder, oil, a drop of sugar and hint of lemon juice…Yummy!!

  7. I LOVE soymilk, specifically 8th continent soymilk, because it’s healthier and tastes WAY better than cow milk. It’s a great substition. I love to use it in strawberry banana smoothies and I love the texture it gives to my coconut cream pies……mmm..YUMMY!

  8. I can’t drink regular dairy milk because of the lactose; Therefore, I drink soy milk because I need the complete proteins and animo acids after exercising and weight-lifting. I used to buy the Silk or Diamond Soy milk brand, but decided to give 8th Continent a try, and you know what… I don’t know if it’s any better, but it sure MAKES ME FEEL BETTER than the others. I’ve been drinking thus stuff everyday for like a couple months now and noticed my skin, muscles, and overall well-being has greatly improved!

  9. I like to drink soy milk as is since I’m lactose intolerant. I find the flavor to be lessened if I were to use the soy milk with other ingredients so I prefer to just drink it.

  10. I’ve never had a problem with soy milk, though I prefer it when it’s freshly made over the long-shelf life variety. I prefer soy milk in my hot lattes, and I love pouring it into my steel-cut oats. It adds depth to the oatmeal and tastes great topped with fresh berries and cinnamon.

  11. I love vanilla flavoured soy milk. I usually carry them around when i’m on a trip.. It fills me up & it tastes good even if it is not chilled, unlike milk. I have tried a few brands, but my personal favourite is Alpro.

  12. Summers in Oklahoma were always crowned with a churning of my mother’s peach ice cream. I’ve been dairy-free since May 1st and do miss that ritual. Wondering if 8th Continent is sold here in Boulder. Soy has not been an alternative because, like you, I remember it’s weird taste and poor texture. If it’s changed, so much the better. I would love to make a version of your peach smoothie and grin with happiness.

  13. Not only do I prefer Vanilla Soy in my lattes, I also use it for my daily smoothies. My new favorite use for it is when cooking oatmeal.


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