new york city trip report – february 2012

Last week, I had the wonderful opportunity to take a few days off from my daily grind and jet off to New York City.  During this short four-day trip, I recharged and reenergized myself; what better place to do that than in New York City.  The more time I spend there, the more I fall in love with the city and its frenetic pace and energy.  I love wandering around the different neighborhoods, each with its own charm and personality, and, of course, discovering the city’s culinary treasures.  I am always armed with a long list of restaurants to try, knowing that I would be lucky to eat at just a handful of them, unless I eat six times a day. On this trip I visited some old standbys and also uncovered some new gems.  I left New York City completely inspired by my new food discoveries, and I am ready to duplicate these treats in my kitchen, with my own twists, of course. Continue reading


Dinner at Sushi on Fire

In the ever-changing restaurant scene on Belmont Shore’s 2nd Street, the Japanese restaurant, Apengo, has recently been replaced by a new sushi bar, Sushi on Fire.  Apengo had a really good fried oyster appetizer, so I was a little sad to see that it was gone.  Chris and I decided to give Sushi on Fire a try and we were really glad we did.  The old busy decor of the former restaurant has been transformed into an open minimalist space.  The huge menu, as expected, is comprised mostly of nigiri sushi, sashimi, and sushi rolls.

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Dinner at Tavern on 2

The term gastropub, a combination of the words gastronomy and pub, refers to a bar and restaurant serving high-end food.  Belmont Shore finally got on the gastropub bandwagon with the opening of Tavern on 2. Located on Second St., in the former space occupied by La Creperie, Tavern on 2 serves a good selection of craft beers and wines as well as a variety of starters, sandwiches and burgers.  Starting next weekend, it will serve breakfast.

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philippe’s, the original

Philippe's, The Original

Chris and I took John, Lucia, and Janet to Philippe’s in downtown LA, the birthplace of the French Dip Sandwich. The cafeteria-style restaurant already had long lines by the time we got there around 11:30, but the carvers were pretty fast in filling orders.  Chris, Lucia, and I had the lamb sandwiches while Janet opted for the beef, all double-dipped for extra flavor and moistness.  The consensus at our table was that the hot spicy mustard was the perfect condiment to the sandwich.  The potato salad and cole slaw both got thumbs up as well as the dill pickle spears.

Philippe's, The Original

Wondering what John ordered at the restaurant known for the French Dipped Sandwiches?   He ordered a TUNA sandwich….Go figure!

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